How to make a Hologram at home

Hologram mobile

How to make a Hologram at home

Finally, it happened, our new video is online on Youtube. 🙂
Thank you all of U who are reading this, we hope that the video will be interesting for the wide masses.
It is sufficient only to have a mobile phone, plus even a little will and readiness. This is really hologram technology.

How to make a hologram?

Moreover, how to make a hologram at home, how to make this hologram effect? 🙂

Follow this plan here;
You need only a few CD boxes, take sharp and strong knife but be careful when using it,

how to male hologram
It is necessary to cut the CD boxes four times, same as shown here, use these measures and plan:

How to cut a CD box

How to cut a CD box

Of course, to create an amazing hologram effect, you need more so-called hologram video.
Much hologram videos to be used can be found for sure on Youtube. Click here for:
Hologram Videos
After all, just put your brand new 3D tool in the middle of the screen of your cell phone.
satisfaction guaranteed.  🙂

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to set up it here, or on our Youtube page.
Thanks and sincerely

Beppo de la Prince
for Amazing Videos

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