10 Amazing Optical Illusions

Never enough of illusions, that’s true. 🙂

10 Amazing Optical Illusions

About this video; this is compilation of ten amazing optical illusions: Rooftop Illusion, Color Illusion, Motion Binding Illusion, Crazy Wire Illusion, Duck-Rabbit Illusion, Silver Egg Illusion, Anamorphic Illusion, Water Illusion, Animated Optical Illusion.

Some of these illusions you might have already known, but certainly each of them is the central topic of our website. 🙂

Our friend mr V. Maric  this time made the right thing (as allways); this is a retrospective illusion you simply must see, especially if you are, like us, passionate of illusion. 🙂

Beppo de la Prince
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