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10 Amazing Science Experiments Compilation

Chemistry helps to Interesting Videos

10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

This is maybe just another Science Experiments (or 10 of them), 🙂

Our big Friend mr. Maric and his Home Science again assures us also how good the chemist is, he got a new (brilliant as usual) video.

This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
1. Jet engine in a jar
2. Traveling flame
3. Soapy water and gas
4. Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
5. Brake fluid and pool chlorine
6. Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
7. Fire snake
8. Elephant toothpaste
9. Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
10. Flammable hand sanitizer

This video also opened our new category Experimental Videos.
I really believe that Maric’s former chemistry professor proud of his student. 🙂
Thanks to them, and thanks to all of you for being here and watching our YouTube videos.

Beppo de la Prince
for Amazing Videos

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