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How to Add Video to AmazingVids

How to share your videos here?
Dear Fellows, 🙂 now it is possible that you can add video to our tube videos website and represents your very own movie to Amazing Vids in a few easy steps.
very own movie

1. You need to register first. That is first step: Please be careful, a register page will be opened in the same window, but…

2. If you already registered, you just need to Log In: [wppb-login] and then you can very easy Add your video here: 🙂

Video Post Rules

There is not much restrictions but some rules do exist, however, Video setup for your Video Post could not be easier, please follow these few rules for your successful video post; 🙂

videos website
– This website is called “Amazing Videos“, so if you think your video is “Amazing” we will probably agree and you are very welcome, 🙂 but we reserve the right to remove inappropriate video (in our opinion).
– When you Submit the Video you need to enter only video URL, link video from Youtube, Vimeo or some other Internet place where your video is uploaded. We are not offering the upload videos at this time.
– Beside Video URL, you need to fill in “Video Description” below. That will help promote your video(s) and is mandatory.
– You DO NOT have to worry about adding a video thumbnail image to your video post. The site will make it for you, automatically. However, if you want your very own thumbnail, you can upload it. Please. No spammy thumbnail.
– Moreover, You will add a few tags, select a category, click – Upload, and your video post is online at our tube videos. 🙂
Please, when you choose the category for your video, choose only one category.

Also, links to your AmazingVids profile can be found in the menu above.
Thank you for watching and sharing videos to  🙂

Beppo de la Prince
for Amazing Videos