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Published on Oct 13, 2020 by AriMonkarsh

Ari Monkarsh is a business professional who has significant experience in entrepreneurship. Ari has served in a variety of leadership positions in various companies, such as the CEO of an e-learning company and the Chief Revenue Officer for a small start-up that helped small businesses access resources that allowed them to compete with much larger companies. Ari Monkarsh also worked at RealtyTrac as the Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Ari eventually led his own startup company for nine years and cultivated consistent revenue. Ari currently works at Argos Equity, a private equity firm. Argos Equity focuses on a portfolio of small companies, most of which are in the Software as a Service (SaaS) and education industries.

For Ari Monkarsh, the most important part of being a great entrepreneur is complete commitment to hard work and hustle, because he knows these are the qualities that allow you to get ahead in the business world. No matter what job Ari is focusing on or what industry he’s working in, he always works hard and strives to achieve his ultimate goals, which he frequently does. With his record of success, Ari Monkarsh believes in the importance of imparting his knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs who can truly benefit from what he knows and go on to to make a difference in the world.

His commitment to advising young entrepreneurs through his posts also shows Ari Monkarsh’s belief in helping other people. Ari values philanthropy and believes it’s something everyone should make time for. For several years, Ari and his family have provided a full Thanksgiving dinner to various families in need. They also do the same for Christmas/Chanukah. Ari understands how important these holidays are, but also recognizes that there are far too many people who are unable to enjoy them the way they should. Because of this sad fact, Ari and his family work to bring these holidays to those who truly need to experience them. Ari also believes that everyone should participate in some kind of program that gives back to others.

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